About Us & About Our Salmon

Cynthia & George of C&G’s Wild Alaska Salmon catch the world’s finest Sockeye Salmon and Coho Salmon in the pure ice-cold waters of southeast Alaska. They ship these high quality treasures to Boise and sell them directly to you as frozen fillets and smoked strips. Cynthia & George have been selling their salmon in Boise and across the country since 1999. They are proud to offer Boise their healthy, sustainable, Alaska salmon products.

Superior Quality.   We take great care with our salmon while harvesting, which is critical for maintaining a product of superior quality. Every fish is bled and cleaned immediately upon entering the boat. The cleaned fish are placed in slushed ice, chilled to 33º F, and taken to nearby Petersburg, Alaska for further processing and shipping. Fillets of coho and sockeye salmon are expertly cut, vacuum-packed to seal in flavor and then blast frozen to stop the aging process. For our smoked strips, coho salmon is cut into strips, vacuum-packed in 1/2 pound packages and blast frozen. When our summer fishing season ends in October, we ship our load of wild Alaska salmon via freezer van and truck it to the Boise Cold Storage. This provides you with the freshest-frozen salmon possible directly from us!

Health, Sustainability and Boise.  There is no doubt about it — eating wild Alaskan salmon, with its high content of protein, vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids, including Omega 3s, is a good dietary choice. The natural salmon we catch is a wonderful food source, scientifically studied again and again with the same positive results: Wild Alaska salmon is good for you!

Alaskan salmon are wild, not farm raised. They live in pure waters, in a balanced, natural ecosystem and are thus a better food choice for health and the environment. Sustainable seafood, including Alaska salmon, is caught using methods that support the long-term supply of the species and don’t harm the environment.

We recycle and reuse throughout our catching and selling activities. C&G’s is community-minded and we donate a portion of our sales to Boise nonprofits: Women’s and Children’s Alliance, Idaho Rivers United, Idaho Conservation League and The Boise Farmers Market.